Communication is the common thread in all I do. As a trainer or coach, in translations and copywriting, in the sales process or the organisation of events. Communication links people and creates connections.

I am passionate about the hospitality sector, which is probably why I worked in hotels for twenty-five years. The first twelve, I organised meetings and events with and for Belgian and international companies. This is where I learned the ropes. Planning, creativity and transparent communication with the team and the client were crucial for success. With my next job as a sales & marketing director, I broadened my horizon. I adored putting the hotel on the map together with the commercial team, making it a success year after year. Language is my soft spot, which is no surprise when you are a translator.  To help me with writing sales and marketing materials, I followed additional training as a copywriter. During the last three years of my career in the hotel business, I was one of twelve trainers for commercial training and every once in a while I was a guest lecturer at hotel and tourism schools. I always had a strong interest in corporate social responsibility and truly enjoyed working on a sustainability project. In my spare time, I volunteer for Antwerp Diner.

After twenty-five years, I was ready for a new challenge. Words & Things combines all these passions under one roof and can assist with sales & marketing coaching, (re)writing and translating, hospitality and sales training or support with events.

Dominique Jansen

Dominique Jansen


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